Our passion is combining technological innovation and creativity to build solutions that honor humanity. The name Labs8 was designed around this idea. The term Labs portrays a scientific playground for innovation. While the number 8 signifies new beginnings as it follows seven which represents completion or perfection.

While expertise in technology and product development are important in creating new beginnings, Labs8 believes that the best solutions come through the sharing of wisdom and revelation received from above. Our desire is to serve as a catalyst for others to see glimpses of heaven here on earth by harnessing creativity and ideas and converting them into viable businesses that deliver solutions to help others live a more abundant life here on earth.

Labs8 Ventures was the genesis for pursuing our goal. Ventures is made up of two elements; a fund and a private incubator.

The Fund

We started dreaming about what a heavenly investment would look like. We believe it would deliver more than just monetary returns. This investment would birth relationships that lead to legacies and impacts that leave inheritances for the next generations.

The Private Incubator

We imagined a community of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creators sharing their dreams. We connect these dreamers with mentors who not only understand how to build success in business but understand how to build success in life. Our hope is the value received through these relationships will be shared with other dreamers and move more ideas to impact.

One of our first private venture launches is Labs8 Consulting. As we began studying successfully launched businesses, we discovered an opportunity for our expertise in technology, marketing, and execution to deliver solutions to move these businesses forward. We approach each consulting engagement with the goal of equipping our clients with the tools they require to achieve continued success on their own so that we are no longer needed.