Fine Tuning Your Business


Labs8 utilizes a circular approach to Fine Tune your business. Our approach combines strategy, execution and evaluation to move your business towards its optimum level of performance.

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A Story of With

We are partners with our clients and are motivated by bringing value and ultimately success to their businesses.

Getting The Right Things Done

Execution is as important as the strategy we bring

Can’t Change What You Can’t Measure

Every solution should be measurable against your business objectives

“Labs8 has an uncanny way of thinking through a problem and knowing what needs to happen to arrive at the solution. They are that chess player who’s always three steps ahead of his opponent.”

Labs8 Partner

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We believe in celebrating the success of others. Join us in celebrating the success of these clients:


Most companies know their business could use some Fine Tuning, so why doesn’t it happen?

Too much focus on the “squeaky wheels” (wrong things)

Lack level of expertise needed to address the issue in-house

Not enough data to know what is working and what isn’t

Time & Resources
Just can’t get it done…not enough time or dedicated resources

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Popular cultural approach to problem solving is a direct front assault, motivated by a desire for a speedy “solution”, tending to produce one-dimensional answer to a multi-dimensional problems.

Labs8 approach is more circuitous, yet ever-closing in. The goal is to achieve more thoughtful, system solutions, multi-dimensional answers to multi-dimensional problems, and less work later through holistic-gained perspective.


The team and practices here at Labs8 are an expression of Mike’s original design as a visioneer, pioneer, fine-tuner and as a sage advisor.  He desires to create a world that will solve for others what we have struggled with so much for ourselves, and doing so in a way that makes human more human.  This is only possible through Wisdom and Revelation.

The Labs8 team is a congregation of talent with decades of experience at some of the world’s most innovative and future-focused companies. Meet our Dream Team.

Shelby Burford

Chief Storyteller

Mike Ma


Steve Sakanashi


Tammie Springs

Senior Full Stack Developer

Kellie Utzinger

Marketing Strategist

Katy Yates

Program Manager


Our “Fine Tuning” supports all areas of your business that directly impact your customers.

Chief Technology Partner

More than just about website or app development. We can serve as technical advisor to building out your product roadmap.  We can help managing your offshore team to building out your own in-house team.

Engineering operations, On demand CTO, On demand CPO, Program management, Product management, Usability Design, Full Stack Development

Customer Centric Strategy

Promoting customer engagement through experience, communication, promotions and feedback. Supported by customer conversations, marketing automation, email campaigns, content development and website optimization.

Lead generation, Landing page design, Acquisition funnel optimization, Email marketing, Lifecycle campaign management

Go-to-Market Execution

After all of the hard work in preparing your product and customer strategies, let’s execute to get the results! We’ll put together analytic packages as part of the roll out to ensure fine-tuning with insights to deliver long-term revenue and profitability growth.

End to end integration, Multi-funnel campaign execution, Product deployment

Take our free assessment to find out if there are opportunities to fine tune your business.

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Seeing Is Believing

Travel Confidently

brettapproved is a community driven travel site that celebrates accessible restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues so that you can travel confidently and discover new places right in your neighborhood or around the world!

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Social Graph Nodes Impacted
Product Launches

brettapproved offers more than 15,000 travelers online information and tips on accessibility worldwide. We partnered with Lab8 to develop and launch a platform in record time. I recommend Labs8 without reservation. They are worth every penny!


Greatergood has given over $30 million to nonprofits around the world since its inception in 1999. Partnering with Labs8 to design and deploy new tools and processes in our engineering org allows us to accomplish a greater impact than ever before. Mike got the right things done and set us up with an in-house team to move our business to the next level


Dial into abundance

Let Labs8 invest wisdom and revelation into your company

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