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Our services are tailored to meet the goals and objectives of your businesses needs. We can customize any plan to accomplish any size project.


Market & Customer Insights

It is the first and the most important step in the development of any business and/or product plan. We will analyze your market and customer needs through our integrated lens (Business, Experience, and Technology), and discover innovative new opportunities to accelerate your growth.

GTM Strategy & Planning

A key success factor for any company is to have a proper go-to-market strategy and an action plan that specifies how a company will reach its target customers to achieve competitive advantage while delivering on the business goals & objectives. We will create a marketing plan to ensure that there are the right integrated marketing tactics to help you achieve your commercialization goals and objectives.

Product Strategy, Planning,
& Management

Focus on the right target market and feature set, instead of trying to be everything to everyone. We will help narrow down the core business goals and help you create a winning set of product strategies and actionable plans.

Program Management

It is the first and the most important step in the development of any software.

We will work with your business requirements and understand your customers, the goals the software needs to achieve and future growth projections. This way we can build an experience that your customers actually want, meets your budget and timeline, and without being short-sighted with the architecture.


UI/UX Design

It may be just a couple of screens, or it can be all of the screens. But the importance is that we visually map out how users would experience with the product. As devices change, and as people’s preference for interaction with these devices change, how best to present your product will surely change as well.


Migration users from self-hosted or data-centers to the cloud. Be able to scale up during peak times and scale down on off-times to save costs. Benefit from economies of scale by using the same infrastructure as companies like Netflix, Expedia. Microsoft, and Google.

Speed and agility by being able to utilize the services that are a click away instead of weeks of development. Run servers in multiple regions around the world so your customers have maximum performance

Redundancy and automation. Never worry about a natural disaster or regional power outage bringing you offline.


Stop duplicating business logic and requirements in multiple places. Use an API to have a central hub for your business logic, that can be used by websites, mobile apps, data science workflows, etc.

Mobile/Web Apps

We are in the mobile-first world. The line between website rendered for desktop users vs. mobile phone users and native mobile apps is gone. We are able to build an experience for your users using the platform, with the relevant interaction necessary. We have all the experience in taking care of the front-end, business logic layer, databases as well as behind the scene automation processes.

Our team is well versed in all startup as well as enterprise technology stacks and we’ll advise you on finding the right fit that will balance speed and scalability.

BI/Big Data

BI is more than just analyzing data. Data Pipelines and Data Orchestration services are key to keep your data moving across your business so every team member always has the latest information.



We believe the future is in xR and have put resources into learning cutting edge xR techniques. We constantly experiment with the latest hardware and software in xR to understand what’s possible now and what will be possible in the future. Our primary focus to date has been developing in Unity3d, which allows for cross-platform deployments on iOS, Android and various VR devices from manufacturers like Oculus, Valve, and HTC.

Email (ESP)

We have experience building email platforms serving millions of emails per day. Whether you need help migrating to an existing provider like MailChimp and Sendgrid, or you need help creating a custom solution to send millions of emails per day at the lowest possible cost.

System Integration

Not every software has to be custom-built. When it is best to combine existing solutions out in the market, customization and integration of multiple systems into one seamless solution, we can help. We can help assess options as well as integrating these systems into your existing infrastructure.


We try to find out what the root question is before we get to work. Only with the right set of questions in mind do we begin the process. Our data science pipelines are a mixture of art and science. We gather data, clean data, develop algorithms and break down results. We have strong backgrounds in mathematics and believe that data science is much more than using the latest framework or technology. We use our domain knowledge and experiences to go beyond the data to interpret results and refine seeking questions.

IOT (Internet of Things)

Our software and hardware experience gives us a unique advantage of providing end-to-end solutions. We are excited about the future of IOT and believe the future is a connected future, from smart homes, hospitals, agriculture and manufacturing.




Strategic Planning & Execution

In an era of disruption, strategy is more important than ever. We offer creative solutions that have helped numerous companies develop and execute impactful strategies.  We are not just planners but we help you augment and achieve your plans by our broad ecosystem of experienced talents/partners.  We’ll help you discover your gaps and enable your team for change.

Gap Assessment & Change Management

Change is constant, fast, and critical for any business that wants to thrive while staying ahead of its competition. We help various clients identify gaps that informs the change management plan that is essential to creating a high performing business. Our clients have achieved more predictable, systematic, and effective business management practices as a result of our support.

Digital Strategy

We help you find the right balance between today’s needs with tomorrow’s opportunities, and we take a future-back approach to uncover potential gaps while delivering immediate, tangible impact that moves you towards your digital future.