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Our Services

At Labs8, we provide tailored solutions designed to meet your unique business goals and objectives. Our flexible approach allows us to customize plans to fit projects of any size, ensuring you receive the precise support you need to succeed.

Fractional CTO & CIO

Strategic Leadership 

Our fractional CTO and CIO services provide your organization with strategic technology leadership without the full-time commitment. We bring experienced executives who guide your technology strategy, ensuring alignment with business goals and driving innovation. 

Technology Roadmap Development 

We develop comprehensive technology roadmaps tailored to your business objectives. Our experts identify opportunities for leveraging technology to enhance operations, improve efficiency, and support growth. 

IT Infrastructure & Operations 

Our fractional CTOs and CIOs oversee the management of your IT infrastructure and operations, ensuring they are robust, scalable, and secure. We focus on optimizing your technology investments to deliver maximum value. 

Project Oversight & Management 

We provide oversight and management for critical technology projects, ensuring they are delivered on time, within budget, and meet your specifications. Our approach minimizes risks and maximizes project success. 

Flexible Engagement Models 

We offer flexible engagement models to suit your needs, whether you require on-shore, offshore, or hybrid solutions. Our services scale with your business, providing the right level of support at the right time. 

Cost-Effective Expertise 

Our fractional CTO and CIO services provide cost-effective access to top-tier technology leadership. We deliver high-quality strategic guidance and operational oversight without the overhead costs of full-time executives. 

Application Design & Development

Mobile Apps

Our team creates visually stunning and user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. We handle everything from interface design to development, ensuring optimal performance and engagement for your users. 

Web Apps

We design intuitive and responsive web applications (offer a native app-like experience across various devices and platforms) that enhance user interaction and satisfaction. Our end-to-end services include front-end and backend development, ensuring your web app is scalable, secure, and delivers a seamless user experience.  Our team members are platform/language/framework agnostic and full stack engineers.

Cloud BI/Big Data

Specializing in cloud-based business intelligence and big data platforms, we design and develop user interfaces and visualizations that provide clear and actionable insights from complex data. 


Our team develops well-documented APIs that enable seamless integration and data exchange between systems and applications. Our APIs are designed for reliability, security, and ease of use, ensuring smooth operation within your digital ecosystem. 

Data & Analytics

Data Strategy & Advisory 

We develop comprehensive data strategies aligned with your business objectives. Our seasoned consultants provide expert insights into best practices, emerging technologies, and regulatory compliance, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive innovation and competitive advantage. 

Data Engineering / ETL Development 

We build robust data pipelines and infrastructure to collect, transform, and load data from disparate sources into centralized repositories. Our scalable and resilient ETL processes ensure data quality, integrity, and timeliness, optimizing data workflows and enabling informed decision-making. 

Data Management / Database Administration 

We offer end-to-end solutions for optimizing the storage, organization, and accessibility of enterprise data assets. Our team ensures data security, availability, and performance across diverse database environments, helping you derive maximum value while minimizing operational overhead and risk. 

Data Analytics / BI 

We empower organizations to extract actionable insights and drive data-driven decision-making through advanced analytics and visualization techniques. Our expert analysts develop analytical models and interactive dashboards, uncovering hidden patterns and identifying opportunities for optimization and strategic planning. 

Data Science / Advanced Analytics 

Our interdisciplinary team unlocks the full potential of your data assets through predictive modeling, machine learning, and statistical analysis. We deliver bespoke analytical solutions tailored to your specific business objectives, driving tangible business outcomes and keeping you ahead in today’s data-driven marketplace. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) 

We harness the transformative power of AI to drive innovation, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences. Our deep understanding of algorithms, frameworks, and cloud platforms enables us to develop and deploy AI-powered solutions that automate processes, personalize recommendations, and unlock new revenue streams. For more information, please visit our Data & Analytics page. 

Staff Augmentation

Scalable Talent Solutions 

We provide scalable talent solutions to meet your project demands. Our skilled developers seamlessly integrate with your in-house team, bringing the expertise and flexibility you need to scale your operations efficiently. 

Diverse Skill Sets 

Our diverse pool of talent includes experts in various technologies and domains, ensuring you have the right skills for your specific project requirements. 

Flexible Engagement Models 

We offer flexible engagement models, including on-shore, offshore, and hybrid solutions, allowing you to scale your team up or down based on your project needs. Our approach ensures you have the right resources at the right time. 

Cost-Effective Solutions 

Our staff augmentation services provide a cost-effective solution for accessing top-tier talent without the overhead costs associated with hiring full-time employees. 

Seamless Integration 

Our developers are adept at integrating into your existing team and workflows, ensuring a smooth and efficient collaboration process. 

Quality Assurance 

We ensure that our talent maintains high standards of quality and performance, contributing to the success of your projects and overall business objectives. 

For more information, please visit our Hire Developers page. 

Business/Product Strategy & Management

Digital Transformation 

We guide you through digital transformation initiatives, ensuring smooth technology adoption, process reengineering, and organizational change management. Our expertise helps you stay competitive and agile in an evolving digital landscape. 

Gap Analysis 

Our team conducts thorough gap analyses to pinpoint discrepancies between your current state and your desired future state. This prioritizes your transformation efforts, ensuring resources are used where they matter most. 

Change Management 

Successful adoption of new technologies and processes is crucial. We implement strategic change management practices to minimize resistance and maximize acceptance, helping your team embrace new ways of working. 

Market & Customer Insights 

Understanding your market and customers is key to success. We provide in-depth market research to uncover opportunities and inform your product strategy, ensuring your offerings meet real needs and drive growth. 

Product Strategy, Planning & Management 

From concept to release, we develop robust product strategies and roadmaps. We prioritize features and manage the entire product lifecycle to ensure alignment with your business objectives and deliver maximum value. 

Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy & Planning 

We craft and execute effective GTM strategies, covering positioning, pricing, and distribution channels. Our plans ensure your products reach the right audience at the right time, through the most effective channels. 

Program Management 

Our program management services oversee the entire project lifecycle. We coordinate cross-functional teams to ensure products and features are delivered on time, within budget, and to specification, achieving your business goals seamlessly. 

Our Difference

Scrappy Meets Savvy”

Our unique blend of success in Fortune 100 companies and a startup mindset allows us to stay lean and agile while being thorough in our planning and execution. We deliver what our clients need now, with the capability to scale effectively and efficiently in the future. We prioritize owning the most critical part of your business—your data—ensuring you’re not at the mercy of third-party service providers. 

What Our Clients Say

I've had the privilege of working with Labs8 on several projects. Besides having some of the hardest working people that I know, their attention to detail and client service is second to none. They know how to partner with clients to apply the correct analytics needed to drive success. They are constantly thinking about ways to add value for the client and I would recommend them for any engagement without reservation.

Ryan SowersSenior Vice President & Head of Data Science

Labs8 is a strong leader in the technology strategy space, and a sheer genius when it comes to understanding how new technologies like mobile & cloud can help enterprises work through some of their hardest challenges. Both in a sales & delivery capacity, Labs8 has shown an amazing ability to deliver results, and help clients improve their bottom line time & time.

Luke KlepperEnterprise Account Manager | Cisco

A brilliant strategic thought leader with the ability to thoroughly analyze complex business problems and develop comprehensive solutions using vast knowledge of technology and business processes. I have had the great pleasure in working with Labs8 and found their ability to quickly build a rapport with clients and to be viewed as a trusted advisor is simply astonishing.

Stephen EtieDelivery Director | Microsoft

I recommend the Labs8 team without reservation. Responsive, supportive, experts worked us to develop and launch a platform in record time. Worth every penny!

Managing PartnerOf a Well-Known VC

Partnering with Labs8 to design and deploy new tools and processes in our engineering org allows us to accomplish a greater impact than ever before. Mike got the right things done and set us up with an in-house team to move our business to the next level.

Chief Technology OfficerFortune 100 e-Commerce Company

Labs8’s resources are always consistent. Regardless whether you are working with a project manager or junior developer, they are consistent and shares the company’s core values. They make working with offshore staff seamless.

Chief Executive OfficerData Analytics Partner of the US Government

Labs8 helped us realize a proof of concept that we had been struggling with for some time. With their expertise & support, we were able to integrate solutions… and create interventions that were not possible before. What impressed me most was their ability to pivot as required to meet our objectives. They were always responsive to our needs/ challenges, and worked tirelessly to find the right approach to achieve our goals. I would highly recommend Lab8 to anyone looking for a trusted partner that can help drive innovation and growth.

Lead, Biomechanics & Performance AnalysisCanadian Sport Institute Pacific