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How to Transform Financial Reporting with Data Warehousing and Analytics

By Data Analytics & Data Engineering

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In today’s data-driven world, the ability to access and analyze information quickly is crucial for effective decision-making. This is particularly true in the agricultural sector, where timely insights can significantly impact business outcomes.

At Labs8, we specialize in helping companies harness the power of their data through advanced data warehousing and analytics solutions. Our recent engagement with an agricultural supplies distributor in the Pacific Northwest is a testament to the transformative impact of effective data management.

The Challenge: Captive Data and Ineffective Reviews

Our client adopted a new ERP system to gain a comprehensive view of their operations and financial outcomes. However, the complexity of the system and the captive nature of the data made it challenging to extract meaningful insights. Decision-makers relied heavily on spreadsheet-based analysis, which was time-consuming and often led to debates rather than actions. As a result, operating reviews were infrequent and ineffective, and the management team found themselves reacting to issues rather than planning proactively.

“Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A) teams are over-extended: always in reactive mode, juggling complex requests that burn out staff, and they are still leaving service gaps because they can’t serve all the decision makers that need support,”Gartner Article April 23, 2024

Our Solution: Building a Robust Data Infrastructure

To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive data warehousing and business intelligence solution. Using Azure SQL Server for the cloud-based data warehouse, Fivetran for ETL, and Tableau for reporting, we automated the data extraction and transformation processes. This solution provided the client with a centralized and accessible data platform, enabling real-time analysis and reporting.

Enabling Rapid Decision Support

We worked closely with the CFO and finance team to develop reports that addressed their most pressing questions. From company-wide financial metrics to customer inventory and sales management, the reports provided up-to-the-minute analysis. One key question we answered was, “What is the cost-to-serve our top ten customers by revenue?” This insight allowed the client to develop targeted strategies for improving profitability and customer satisfaction.

Ongoing Support: Break/Fix Services

In addition to setting up the data infrastructure, Labs8 provided ongoing support, acting as a fractional analytics team for the client. This involved maintaining and improving reports as needed by the executive team. Our break/fix support ensured that the reports remained relevant and effective as the business evolved.

The Results: Significant Throughput Increase

The results were impressive. With better visibility into run performance and targeted process improvements, the client saw a 30% increase in monthly packing throughput. This improvement is projected to drive a top-line revenue increase of $6.8 million over the next year.


Effective process improvement and data management are crucial for enhancing productivity in fruit packing. At Labs8, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve significant operational gains through tailored, data-driven solutions. Our recent success with a large packing house demonstrates the transformative potential of our approach.

Ready to transform your financial reporting and make more informed decisions? Contact Labs8 today. Let’s harness the power of your data to drive your business forward.