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September 2018

Elevating the Customer Experience with Augmented Reality

By VR/AR Technology
One thing all businesses have in common is their goal of achieving customer satisfaction which is critical to gaining new customers and keeping the ones you have. Customer satisfaction has two primary drivers, 1) product performance, 2) customer experience. While Augmented Reality (AR) is being used to impact the first, this article will provide examples of how it is being used to improve the second driver, customer experience. Think about your customers, how would they describe their experience interacting with your business? Are there pain points they encounter that you hear about frequently? Imagine how your business could grow if you could eliminate some of these pain points. Labs8 is excited about how Augmented Reality technology addresses customer pain points and delivers enhanced customer experiences.  We hope these examples of companies using AR to improve their customers’ experiences will inspire you to consider the solutions AR offers your business.

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