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Virtual and Augmented Reality Improving Businesses from Within

By VR/AR Technology
We’ve offered examples of how Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) improve customers’ experiences, but they can also improve experiences for your internal customers. Imagine the cost and time savings your business could realize if you discovered ways to facilitate collaboration and improve training for your employees? If you’re not sure how this is possible, read on to learn how some businesses are already reaping the benefits of using Virtual and Augmented Reality  to enhance their internal customers’ experiences.  

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Elevating the Customer Experience with Augmented Reality

By VR/AR Technology
One thing all businesses have in common is their goal of achieving customer satisfaction which is critical to gaining new customers and keeping the ones you have. Customer satisfaction has two primary drivers, 1) product performance, 2) customer experience. While Augmented Reality (AR) is being used to impact the first, this article will provide examples of how it is being used to improve the second driver, customer experience. Think about your customers, how would they describe their experience interacting with your business? Are there pain points they encounter that you hear about frequently? Imagine how your business could grow if you could eliminate some of these pain points. Labs8 is excited about how Augmented Reality technology addresses customer pain points and delivers enhanced customer experiences.  We hope these examples of companies using AR to improve their customers’ experiences will inspire you to consider the solutions AR offers your business.

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Imagine Virtual and Augmented Reality in Your Business

By VR/AR Technology
Labs8 is fueled by discovering ways technological innovations can move businesses forward. So it’s no surprise that our team has been in the lab experimenting with Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR). These cool technologies offer businesses opportunities to improve productivity and enhance their customers experiences.  We hope this article will stir your imagination to think about the possibilities VR/AR could offer your business. Read More

Is the Data you Use to Build Strategies Telling you the Truth?

By Data Integration
If your business builds strategies from your data, you should be sure it’s telling you the truth. Your business needs knowledge to build successful strategies.  Plato defined knowledge as justified, true, belief. While the inclusion of belief in this definition has been debated for centuries, truth is a firm criteria for knowledge. Finding truth may require looking beyond the numbers on the screen. Labs8 would like to offer you a few suggestions for keeping your data honest.      Read More

Is Your Business in Need of Mobile Optimization?

By Mobile Optimization
Mobile devices are becoming our go-to for daily online activities.  A recent study shows that one in 10 American adults are smartphone only internet users (Pew Research Jan. 2018). It’s highly likely that you are reading this article on your mobile device. So why aren’t more businesses focused on mobile optimization? Probably because your IT team is maxed and the mobile technology put in place a few years back works well enough. Labs8 suggests asking a few simple questions to improve the level of mobile optimization in your business.  Read More

Planning Ahead for Success with Offshore Developers

By Offshore Software Development
No one wants to start a relationship thinking about how it will end, but considering the value of technology to your business, this is critical when contracting with offshore developers. There may be a number of reasons for ending the relationship with offshore developers. You may decide to expand your onshore IT team or maybe the projects have been completed. The worst possible scenario is dissatisfaction with the partnership. Here are a few things we recommend you consider at the beginning of your partnership to avoid a messy ending.

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The Offshore Software Development Solution

By Offshore Software Development
Technology not only drives businesses, it drives how consumers interact with products and services. Whether it’s a new website or a mobile app, very few businesses are untouched by the whirlwind of technology.  How fast your business is able to identify, develop and launch products will determine your success in the marketplace. With the demand for software developers being greater than the supply, the cost of moving products from the development list to being launched in the market is rising. This leaves businesses with the daunting task of balancing their competitive edge against protecting their profitability. Read More

Working with HisGifts!

By Community, Cross Promotion

We recently worked with David at HisGifts to help him create a short article.  The article is a great way for him to easily inform potential clients of the innovative things he is doing in retirement.  It also allows him to share his passion and open up a conversation.


If you are interesting in learning more and seeing his article you can follow this link to find the short article David put together to explain the benefits of IUL as a tax-free retirement investment option.


Davids Article

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