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Technology not only drives businesses, it drives how consumers interact with products and services. Whether it’s a new website or a mobile app, very few businesses are untouched by the whirlwind of technology.  How fast your business is able to identify, develop and launch products will determine your success in the marketplace. With the demand for software developers being greater than the supply, the cost of moving products from the development list to being launched in the market is rising. This leaves businesses with the daunting task of balancing their competitive edge against protecting their profitability.

Your business can be competitive and profitable.

Labs8 doesn’t believe businesses should be faced with this either/or choice between competitiveness or profitability. We do believe it requires a willingness to think differently about the composition of your software development team. Labs8 successfully uses offshore software developers for their internal development needs and the development needs of their clients. This isn’t a new idea as many large companies have been using offshore software developers for decades. Yet hesitancy among non-tech firms and small to mid-sized businesses to take advantage of the offshore solution still exists. While this solution does have a few challenges- language barriers, time zone differences, and potentially lower quality output- if managed correctly the benefits can far outweigh the risks.  If your business doesn’t have the technological expertise in- house or you have no idea how your overtaxed IT team would manage this resource, you might want to approach this option with a partner.

Ensuring your offshore development project’s success.

A partner will manage the project directly and oversee the quality of software development work to ensure you get exactly what you want, when you want it. Working with a partner to secure offshore development talent offers the ability to get product work done quickly without compromising profitability and quality. In fact, there may be a positive impact on profitability due to the cost savings associated with this option.


One final caveat; choose your product development team partner carefully. You want to work with someone who has a strong understanding of software development and extensive experience working with offshore developers. There are a lot of offshore software development options but they do not all deliver the same results. A good development team partner can help you navigate these options to ensure you end up with the high quality software development support you count on.  While the cost savings associated with offshore development are indisputable, these savings are not worth sacrificing the quality standards your customers have come to expect.

Let Labs8 help you explore how offshore software development can offer a scalable solution to keep your business moving forward.