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June 2018

Is Your Business in Need of Mobile Optimization?

By Mobile Optimization
Mobile devices are becoming our go-to for daily online activities.  A recent study shows that one in 10 American adults are smartphone only internet users (Pew Research Jan. 2018). It’s highly likely that you are reading this article on your mobile device. So why aren’t more businesses focused on mobile optimization? Probably because your IT team is maxed and the mobile technology put in place a few years back works well enough. Labs8 suggests asking a few simple questions to improve the level of mobile optimization in your business.  Read More

Planning Ahead for Success with Offshore Developers

By Offshore Software Development
No one wants to start a relationship thinking about how it will end, but considering the value of technology to your business, this is critical when contracting with offshore developers. There may be a number of reasons for ending the relationship with offshore developers. You may decide to expand your onshore IT team or maybe the projects have been completed. The worst possible scenario is dissatisfaction with the partnership. Here are a few things we recommend you consider at the beginning of your partnership to avoid a messy ending.

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