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Mobile devices are becoming our go-to for daily online activities.  A recent study shows that one in 10 American adults are smartphone only internet users (Pew Research Jan. 2018). It’s highly likely that you are reading this article on your mobile device. So why aren’t more businesses focused on mobile optimization? Probably because your IT team is maxed and the mobile technology put in place a few years back works well enough. Labs8 suggests asking a few simple questions to improve the level of mobile optimization in your business. 

How does your website look on mobile devices?

Google is looking at your site and asking the same question. In fact, Google may be switching to a mobile-first index (Forbes, 4/6/18). This change would prioritize mobile optimized sites over desktop sites in Google searches. You don’t want to jeopardize the SEO work you’ve done by not optimizing your site for mobile users.  Here are a few items to consider when evaluating your site. 

Mobile Optimization Website Checklist

  • Speed, speed and more speed, be sure your site loads quickly
  • Concise content, summarized with key ideas highlighted or bolded
  • Minimize images and be sure they load quickly
  • Call-to-Actions should have large tappable buttons
  • Minimize fields on landing page forms … include tappable options and self-populated fields when possible
  • Include a phone number for easy engagement if it makes sense for your business

How do your marketing communications show up in mobile?

Over half of all emails are opened on mobile devices and 80% of all social media interactions take place on mobile devices. Your marketing campaigns should be designed with the mobile user top of mind.  Here are a few suggestions to improve the mobile user experience. 

Mobile Optimization Marketing Checklist

  • Minimize email text
  • Key ideas in emails need to be highlighted or bolded
  • Less is definitely more!
  • Replace text CTA’s with tappable buttons
  • Always preview emails on a variety of mobile devices (IOS, Android, tablet)
  • Promote on appropriate social messaging platforms
  • Choose social ad types designed  to optimize mobile user experience.  Facebook lead ads self populate fields and users don’t have to leave the platform to engage with your business

Does your Mobile App need an update?

Do you know if your app users are satisfied with their experience? If they aren’t, it’s time to re-tool and re-design your app. You may want to consider moving to a web-app. These apps are gaining popularity with their easy access directly through browsers. Whatever direction you choose to go, be sure improving user experience and expectations drive your decision.

Mobile App Checklist

  • Implement measures to protect user data
  • The less user effort the better
  • Simplify display, only show relevant information
  • Include instant user feedback
  • Declutter pages
  • Offer full-screen experience
  • Consider “wearables” when designing your app
  • Build your app for easy visual and video display

Labs8 has been working with businesses to optimize websites and apps for mobile users for the past decade. Our global development team has extensive experience in web apps, ML and AI. We would be honored to help you find the right solutions to move your business forward.